Time is indeed everything when we think about delivering quality customer service and enhancing overall customer experience. At Kopo Kopo, we have come a long way in adjusting our support times as we sought to match customer expectations over the years. Now, round the clock availability means we are on track to deliver uninterrupted and seamless support whether a business is contacting us to ask about their Lipa Na Mpesa till number, how to apply for a business cash advance or how to send bulk payments. …

Meet David, the Founder of Hawi and Hera Beauty Creations

“After being in the hair and salon industry for ten years, I wanted to start a business that inspires every customer who walks in through the door. This is because I feel strongly about encouraging others. I believe that every interaction with customers should be more than a transaction,” says David.

The answer was to start Hawi and Hera Beauty Creations — a hair and beauty salon that its very name constantly reminds him why he started: Hawi stands for luck and Hera represents love. …

Kopo Kopo’s ethos has always been centered around the simplest of stories:

All businesses should be empowered with simple tools to give them the means to succeed.

Our story

We believe in making it simple for businesses to operate. That has been our goal since 2012 when we partnered with Safaricom to bring the Lipa Na MPESA Buy Goods service to small and medium sized businesses throughout Kenya.

While this has not changed and we remain true to helping thousands of businesses to accept digital payments, our efforts have not stopped there. We have gone a step further to understand the challenges…

Here are five reasons why your customers love Lipa Na M-PESA and will keep coming back for it.

1) It’s FREE!

Lipa Na M-PESA is absolutely free of charge to your customer, regardless of transaction size. No more paying to pay or adding the withdrawal fee — it’s 100% FREE!

2) One wallet, thousands of stores

Now your customers can stop worrying whether M-PESA is accepted or not. Lipa Na M-PESA is already accepted at thousands of stores across Kenya.

3) No more searching for agents to withdraw cash

No agent nearby? Now your customers don’t have to rush to…

Kopo Kopo, Inc.

We make it simple for your business to accept digital payments while providing access to credit and other business tools. www.kopokopo.com

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